About Dorina

Who am I?

For as long as I can remember, I asked myself this question.
And the only constant answer I could find in the depth of my being is divine light and divine love.

humpback-whale-maui3I am on my way.

Here and now.

To meet God from within and with absolute freedom, to sense and feel the divine light, the divine love, to listen to it and to follow it in my way, in the way my inner guidance tells me, silently, or singing, or dancing, or floating in the sea, or writing, or… that’s my path.

Divine guidance is for me a kind of inner guidance, which I experience in connecting with my soul. The more I feel the connection to my soul, the more I can hear and feel the divine guidance. My trust, courage and the willingness to unconditionally follow my divine guidance grow.
The more I open up, the more I discover my qualities, the vastness of the universe with its mysteries and all the great and small miracles happening and surrounding me every day, my oneness with all that is.
I feel as a student of life, of divine being.
My spiritual helpers and ancestors powerfully accompany me.

One of my most important teachers has been and still is my body as a mirror of my soul, which serves me as a sensitive medium. Illness and pain always told me to really look at. Many years I’ve hated my body and myself. Today I am grateful for my body’s high sensitivity. I am still learning to understand my soul’s language through my body, and I am fascinated by this journey. The deepest teachings & support on this journey I receive from and in nature – Mother Earth.

hookena and hilo (111)Since 1999, my path has led me to different spiritual and healing approaches – to priests, shamans, healers, therapists, artists and trainers. I have learnt about different methods & perspectives, which threw me always back to my innermost being – the message was always the same: Everything is inside of you. You can heal yourself.
And: You can relax.

So my spiritual training and learning has been and still is a journey of experimenting, experiencing, questioning, becoming aware of my inner processes and the different selves. I feel deeply drawn and supported to gain consciousness, to train my perception, to find confidence in my intrinsic wisdom, intuition, power and love, to unfold my being und to express it.
My inner voice calls me again and again to attach less importance to the methods and to the form than to the content in order to learn the language of my soul and to take up my responsibility and strength.
Sometimes we need to fall deeply to let go and surrender – I was burning. I was shredded.
I have died to be born into being and to feel that God is always there and everywhere.

© Jutta Panke photography

© Jutta Panke photography

Sounds & Songs have always powerfully guided & supported me on my own healing journey and called me to heal my voice and sing my own song to touch people’s hearts.

In 2011 and 2014 I had the privilege to learn from and with wild and free dolphins and Humpback whales in Hawaii who transformed and healed me in a very profound way. I felt deeply called to spend two times three months in nature – mostly by myself – and to deeply connect to this magical place of beauty and transformation inside and outside which called me home.

© 2008 Matisha (SongofHome.com)In my shamanic sound healing and coaching work I invite people to connect deeper with their authentic being, their soul essence & the divine, this place inside of us where we have all the answers, where we are always taken care of, where we are pure beauty, love & peace and where we find healing. I use intuitive & emotional healing tools with voice & sounds, crystals, card readings, meditation, constellation work & inner journeys, empathetic listening, energy work, shamanic transformation work, body-movement, intuitive touch.

You will feel and know it if your path leads you to me.

Together with my husband Maika Suneagle I have been living since May 2014 on the Big Island of Hawaii.
With my pregnancy my husband and I started to feel the calling to offer Sound Healing and spiritual & emotional support also for pregnant women, pregnant couples and parents & babies to allow babies to have a gentle, powerful & peaceful beginning of their life.
In August 2015, God blessed us with our vision coming true after nine month of deep preparation & transformation – a natural home birth out in our yard next to the ocean.  Since then we are in awe of this amazing & beautiful being who has come to us. She wanted to be called Moana Hoku.