Whatever you are currently looking for, it is already there. Within you.
The answers are waiting in your heart.

Sometimes we just need a little help to ask the right questions and to become quiet and present enough to really listen.

Are you willing and ready to open up now and
to find what you are deeply longing for
– to feel it, to hear it, to see it, to breathe it in, to accept and acknowledge it, to follow it, to receive it?

AlohaAll is there for you.
And you are welcome & loved just the way you are.

In my work I invite you to find more happiness, balance, peace, harmony, relaxation & deeper meaning and to truly celebrate & trust your life.

I offer healing & coaching sessions, events & workshops in person on the Big Island of Hawaii or per skype.

You can contact me via e-mail !

e-mail: dorina.rosin(at)

Dare to trust, says trust

to be
to listen
to feel
to breathe
to express
here and now
in every moment
To become still
leaving space
for what is true

your hands
let yourself go and relax
into the infinite nothingness
in you
where God is awaiting you
and whispers: Trust me

Dorina Rosin

© 2008 Matisha (

© 2008 Matisha (

 Blessings of Aloha,

– for a loving balance of your body, soul, heart & mind in harmony with the earth and divine guidance

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