Opening together

Türen öffnen1Sometimes we need to stand in front of a closed door for a while or hit our head against the wall to finally realize: The door has never been locked up! Somehow we know that there is something more waiting for us, a silent longing is calling us and the box we have been living in has become so small that it hurts. Often times it needs a serious crisis or disease to bring us to the point of not knowing how to go on, so that we become deeply and totally ready to open the inner doors and gates.

Maybe you feel your willingness and curiosity to open up for what is waiting behind the doors and you just don’t know how to take the next step?

Nobody else than you can go through these doors for you.
Nevertheless, it is sometimes somebody’s eyes looking in yours, a touch, a journey, a song, a dance, a picture, a book, a smell, a taste, a landscape, a special experience, an invitation, and all in the sudden an inner space opens up; you feel transformed. Nothing seems to be the same.

You are the one, who takes the step into this new space, where inside and outside are all one. All is one.

What touches me deeply is when I see and feel these doors opening in some moments – for the person in front of me or within me. In these moments all concepts don’t matter anymore. We are. I am. You are. Love and spaciousness.

Türen öffnenLet’s go into this space and discover it together! Allow yourself to feel who you really are!
Share your gifts!
And let yourself be brave enough to follow your inner voice unconditionally!
Your purpose, the reason why you are here, deep fulfillment and peace are waiting for you.

If you allow yourself to take steps towards your essence, towards the divine, towards your soul, you will find out that you are always safe in this universe and ever free. You can talk to your divine guidance. Everything you need to know, will be revealed to you, and you will receive everything you really need.

Short note:
When I use words here like soul and divine self, higher self, divine guidance, for me these terms are a way of trying to find words for the life-energy, the spirit which flows through all of us and which connects all of us with each other, a deep peace, the deepest essence, love. I am not a member of any religion or spiritual tradition. And for me the existing cultural and religious concepts are all just different human perspectives of something bigger, which you can’t put into words and I think that they can mutually enrich each other.

DCIM101MEDIAMaybe you don’t want to call your feelings and experiences “God” or “divine”. That is your own decision, your choice, too. If, for example, you believe in a punishing God in heaven, it may help you to just call your experience “love” or “heart” or “trust” or “essence” or “source”.
I like the word “God”, because I discovered it for myself. For me it has something mystical, inexplicable, omnipresently loving and compassionate, infinitely powerful and contains all aspects (father, mother, child & all that is).

You alone can find out what is true for you.
Opening doors and inner spaces and experiencing the pure being can also bring up huge fears, old wounds, collective pain, and a whole bunch of inner and outer resistance and protective patterns. For me it feels sometimes like a heavy battle – until I become aware of what is happening and I start to allow and observe all of it with inner presence and love. In these moments somebody mindful and present to be with and different awareness and meditation methods can be very helpful.
In the end, we all need to find and walk our own path. That’s why we are here.
And there is a lot of support available for us on this path.
Do you feel your inner freedom, your own power and your deep wisdom?

I would like to support you to feel your love and power fully and to bring it out into this world. In my coaching sessions there is space for your feelings, thoughts, worries, pains, wishes and hopes, questions, for the unknown and for deep transformation.

Jutta Panke photography

© Jutta Panke photography

I invite you to remember your soul – the divine self in you – and to experience the divine in your life – neither to believe it without questioning, just because you have learned it by others, or because it makes sense, or because other people are talking about it, nor to reject it out of old pain, which you perhaps experienced because of other people wanting you to believe in their God, or out of present suffering which you feel in your life or in other people’s lives, or because your mind declares that it is impossible that there is something like God.
I invite you to really open up for the secrets and mysteries of life, the not-knowing, the pure experience and the way you perceive and experience it. The journey will get much more exciting, alive and intense if you are on it consciously, if you really feel it, and if you follow your heart unconditionally.

You don’t do it only for you; you do it for all of us…

More about my background and methods & tools I use in my sessions you can find here.