Sound Healing

SEELEnklang1What is your soul’s path? How can you find harmony and peace inside and outside of you? Who are you?
Exploring your inner spaces, you will find your own answers in you.

Sounds, toning and music can help you to open up inner and outer spaces of healing and transformation, in which you can find connection to your soul and your highest potential.
If you want to understand exactly how sound-healing works – there are scientific researches about it (e.g. by Tom Kenyon), which can tell you more about the effects of sounds and music on your brain.

The question is: Do you really want to face yourself with all that is still hidden in you?

Toning and sounds can reconnect us with our innermost being, with our feelings, our intuition and our gifts. The vibration transmits information and messages to our system and, in this way, initiates healing and transformational processes.

Together – based on your concern or your issue which you deal with here and now and which you clearly define in the preliminary discussion – we go on a journey – the journey to your soul.
The sound of the shamanic drum invites us to listen to your heart-beat and to the heart-beat of Mother Earth. I am with you on the journey and intuitively accompany you with sounds of my heart. I communicate with the spiritual realm; you and I receive the messages which are important for your path right now. I work energetically – that means with the energy field around your body, and sometimes I work with physical touch too. I absolutely trust my divine guidance, my higher self, the spiritual helpers and what I can see of your soul.

© 2008 Matisha (

© 2008 Matisha (

The intention of my work in an individual session is to support you to free up your core being and to live your deepest and divine self, i.e. to remind you of your deep love and power and to find your way back to your heart. Toning and sounds are an expression of my soul that invite your soul to unfold. Everything is welcome here, anything which may arise and which is important for your soul journey at the moment. Angels, spirit animals, spiritual masters, soul aspects that are searching for their way home, past lives, suppressed feelings from your childhood, pictures or thoughts that go round and round a certain topic, everything is possible, and what is important for you now will show up. Important is what you feel on your journey and how much you can open up for this experience right now.
In a follow-up conversation there is then space for you to find words for what you have experienced, to express what still wants to be expressed. I can share my perceptions, visions and feelings with you if you want, and I can also propose ways to integrate your experiences into your daily life.

In the same intuitive way I also work with rooms, places, trees and plants, pets and animals. They are waiting for our song and our love.

What is important to know is: I work with what shows up here and now on the soul plan, what appears and shows itself, was is ready to be seen and touched. I follow my intuition and inner guidance, which means that it is possible that I don’t do what you consciously want me to do or imagine, and it is also possible that, afterwards, in your perception you feel for a moment worse than before, because, in the session, layers of yourself which were closed up for a long time were touched or because you opened up so that you perceive and feel things more intensely now. It is part of the healing journey to find back the trust that you exactly receive what is important for you at the moment and that you receive divine support and help on your way if you open up for it.

HPIM0798.JPGI accompany you in my sessions on your way to come into deep contact with your soul if you want it. Not more, not less…

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Very important (also on a legal point of view): I am not working as a healer/ healing practitioner and notas a therapist, i.e. the focus of my work is not to cure diseases. If you feel physically or mentally ill, please, look for appropriate support for your body and your emotional system! There are lots of possibilities, and for sure there is also something which feels good for you. You are not alone!

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