mit Kohu Na Tika
Dorina Rosin

Sei willkommen! Aloha! Namasté! Karibu! Welcome! Bienvenue!
Schau dich gern um und lausche deinem Herzen…

Wenn dein Englisch nicht so gut ist, schreib mir eine E_Mail: Ich schicke dir gern alle Details auf Deutsch! Der Kreis findet auf Deutsch und Englisch statt!

My intuition is my inner navigation system that my soul uses to communicate with me guiding me on my path and helping me to make choices that are true for me and for the greater good. My inner navigation system can express itself in very different ways.
If I trust my intuition, that means that I listen to it and act upon it, I am aligned with my soul and its source, great spirit, the divine mother and father, the universal love and I can give birth to my divine purpose and consciously be the divine child I am. Following my intuition brings me peace, love and a deeper sense of being one with creation.
To give birth to something new collectively- the New Earth as some people call it- each of us is called to fully trust her/his intuition to nurture the New inside of us and to give birth to it.
For this it‘s important to assess our own connection to our intuition – to listen, feel and become aware of its ways of communicating to us and to commit to act upon our intuition.
We will use the next online sharing circle on Saturday, January 23rd to focus on connecting to our intuition to get a deeper understanding of what is needed from us right now and how we can build and strengthen our intuition. Through body awareness excercises and movement, trance, guided meditation, conscious breathing, intuitive writing, sharing, intuitive healing and everything that wants to happen out of the present moment we will dive into the deep mystery that lays inside of us and explore how to find trust.
live from Hawaii.

Price: $ 22/ 20 € (If you have financial troubles, please contact me!)
On Zoom!
The sharing circle will be held in English and/or German. (depending on the language of everybody in the circle)


Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess is a powerful presence you can feel on the Hawaiian Islands, also known as „She who shapes the sacred land“. She is calling those of us who feel the call – women and men all over the world:
Lets unite our powers and birth the New Earth together!
In the traditional stories Pele and her sisters and brothers were rivals, full of conflict, jealousy and fighting. It‘s time to write a new story, it‘s time for her sisters & brothers to come together in a circle on equal level and to birth the New Earth together. It means that we look at the old story, allow all the feelings and conflicting energies to come to the surface and embrace them in love. Out of that love we can let the new story emerge. A story of co-creation and oneness/unity with each of us in our uniqueness. It‘s a place where we find balance, harmony and infinite abundance.
My vision of this circle is to support and inspire each other to be the most authentic and true to ourselves that we can be and to own the power we have to receive, carry, birth and take care of New Life on all levels.

9-11 am Hawaiian time (UTC-10),
11 am – 1 pm California/Oregon/Washington/Arizona time (UTC-7),
8-10 pm Central European time (UTC+2) etc.

2. „Building my intuition“ on Saturday, January 23th, 2021

3. „Freeing myself – Forgiving myself“ on Saturday, February 20th, 2021

4. „Surrendering and standing in my power“ on Saturday, March 20th, 2021

If you want to attend or have any questions, please send me an email with the date/s you want to attend and I will send you all the details:


If you haven‘t used Zoom yet, please let me know. I will explain you what you need to know! It‘s very easy and free for you to participate!

Kohu Na Tika Dorina is an intuitive healing guidess & sound healer, who invites you to connect with your core essence where your authentic power, your inner wisdom and authority await you. She is here to support you on your healing Journey of trust.
She has been trained in women‘s empowernment and spiritual healing, tantric meditation & teachings, theater education, various dance practices, voice coaching & non-violent communication. She also has a masters degree in Roman Languages, Psychology and Educational Sciences and is a mum of a 5 year old daughter.
She is deeply passionate about co-creating spaces for love and healing through integrity of body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

I am looking forward to sharing with you- in whatever way.


Kohu Na Tika