Journey into Trust” offers you a truly sensitive and highly vibrating space,
where you connect with your soul, your feelings and your body,
where you feel your longing, listen to it and follow it,
where you experience trust,
and where you can connect with your freedom and power deep inside
and learn to create out of that place.
My being wants to invite you to let go into your core essence, your very own soul vibration,
to allow yourself to be fully here and to initiate processes of change and transformation.

We’re on a journey and I accompany and support you in an aware, attentive, loving, respectful, sensitive, clearly guided and intuitively powerful way. I guide you into the depth of your being where your authentic power, your inner wisdom and authority await you.

My individual sessions on Maui/ Hawaii or online (via Skype/Zoom) and my online circles are intuitively created and suited to you, your path and your individual needs. They may include some of the following elements:

Inner journeys and meditations,
Shamanic sound healing,
Energy work,
Voice healing,
Fire meditation with fire bowl,
Gentle, intuitive body-energy work,
Ancestral work,
Intuition healing,
Ritual work
Tantric work

If you‘re longing for some female, gentle, intuitve guidance, you will enjoy working with me and thrive.

Kohu Na Tika Dorina is an intuitive healing guidess & sound healer, who invites you to connect with your core essence where your authentic power, your inner wisdom and authority await you. She is here to support you on your healing Journey of trust.
She has been trained in women‘s empowernment and spiritual healing, tantric meditation & teachings, theater education, various dance practices, voice coaching & non-violent communication. She also has a masters degree in Roman Languages, Psychology and Educational Sciences and is a mum of a 5 year old daughter.
She is deeply passionate about co-creating spaces for love and healing through integrity of body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

If you feel like reading more about me and my background, you can do that here.

Journey into Trust“ is a safe, protected space, where you learn to be more present and more loving with yourself, as well as more subtle and more aware in your perception, so that you don‘t have to go round and round in circles anymore, but you can grow and awaken your own powers. I can help you to overwrite old information and patterns that don’t serve you anymore in your system with the core information.

For me trust means to follow your deepest inner longing of the soul, your intuition and your impulses. Longing to have the courage. To relax into your feelings and your perceptions and to discover what is waiting for you in the depth of the soul.
Trust leads you into your full power and helps you to express yourself as a powerful being.
If you trust and act out of trust, everything makes sense, and you feel deeply connected.
Often we have learnt early to not trust. Our channel of intuition is blocked. We feel cut off from our feelings or get so overwhelmed by them, that we feel helpless and disoriented. That‘s your invitation to start your journey back into trust.

Your body is your best friend on this journey. She talks to you and shows you the places where your energy, your love cannot flow freely. She gives you impulses and stability. That‘s why it‘s so important to listen to your body. S/He is the instrument of your soul, of your very own facet of divine love.
Trust grows inside of me, when I remember and sense that there is something that guides me, holds me and supports me on this journey.
Trust also means in my understanding to dare to face your fears, your depression and your burn-out, to feel them, to accept them and to look and listen with love for the deeper message they carry for you.
It is a deep learning process that requires support, so that we can experience and feel what it means to stay present in our fears. Then you will have the choice to decide and act the way it feels totally coherent and true for you. Your feelings want to lead you to where your soul is vibrant, powerful and free and to where it wants to become fully alive in you.
You have the power to heal yourself!!! And I would love to accompany you on your way into trust.

© 2008 Matisha (SongofHome.com)

Dare to trust, says trust (Kohu Na Tika)

to be
to listen
to feel
to breathe
to express
here and now
in every moment
To become still
leaving space
for what is true

your hands
let yourself go and relax
into the infinite nothingness
in you
where God is awaiting you
and whispers: Trust me

All is there for you.
And you are welcome & loved just the way you are.

Welcome to my space!

Kohu Na Tika
Dorina Rosin

If you want to read more about my journey, click here https://dorina-rosin.de/en/about-2/

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