Dolphin Birth

Here you can find a short film in German for pregnant women & men who dream of dolphins or feel called by the dolphins in other ways. (I am working on getting the English version ready as soon as possible. So if you want me to let you know when it‘s available, please just send me an email! Contact)
The film wants to invite you to spiritually and emotionally connect with the dolphins and with your baby. In that way you don‘t need to expose yourself and your baby to the stress of a long distance flight (unless you feel that’s what you absolutely need to do!) It could be enough to create space for yourself to go on an inner journey, to become quiet and to listen, and to connect with the blessing that the dolphins hold for you.
To watch the film (on Youtube, so at no charge), please just click on the following link:
Delfinbotschaften für Schwangere

My name got kind of famous in 2015 throughout the web by negative articles and cynical comments about my supposedly planned birth with dolphins as midwives that got spread worldwide. I still receive requests concerning my dolphin birth now and then. And if you google my name, you will still find negative articles about my dolphin birth that have not been corrected, although I asked everybody to do so.

Here you find my personal sharing about our pregnancy & birth journey and some external links if you scroll down (dolphin footage & sharing of our story).

September 7, 2015
How can I keep singing my Song of Trust in the middle of negative articles & cynical commenting about me and my birth in the media & internet all over the world? Since several days I want to write something about it, but my little angel baby girl needs me right now most of the time, so I practice what I have learned along my journey till now – breathing.

6000 people came to see my website the first days after the articles came out and the page has not been very active before – so most of them must have read the negative & false articles about me and my birth plans which are spreading around the internet. All in the sudden my name is famous… for planning to give birth with wild dolphins. A false story…
What happened?


A media company from England contacted me and my husband. They wanted to do a TV show about birth choices – to inform women about different birth options. They had found our name through a friend of us who has filmed us swimming with dolphins in my pregnancy. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about them coming at first, because I don’t like to be filmed and felt shy. But the baby in my belly and my husband convinced me that it would be a great opportunity to share our message with people about natural birth and our spiritual perspective on life, pregnancy & birth. We felt like wanting to empower women & pregnant couples to choose what feels right for them and to listen to their vision & dreams together with their baby in the womb.
So the media company sent over a woman who lives in L.A. – she came and interviewed and filmed us for three days in my third trimester and then again shortly before and after the birth of our baby– we really tried to share our deepest thoughts & feelings about the pregnancy & birth – we didn’t film the actual birth, because I didn’t want the birth to be filmed, because I could feel that it would inhibit me and disturb the birth. But we shared about our home birth plan in nature – we had seen a certified midwife since the beginning of my pregnancy and together with her and for ourselves we prepared in a very committed and deep way on all levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally) to have a home birth in nature – our ideal plan was to give birth to the baby out in our yard in the place where we were staying – on the grass and in a birthing pool – together with our midwife. It’s a beautiful land at the ocean – in a bay on the Big Island where wild spinner dolphins come frequently. My vision also was to follow my intuition and feelings in the moment of birth, to let me guide by divine guidance and I trusted that I would feel what was right for me and my baby (which movements, which places in our yard, which sounds) in the moment of labor & birth.


I was swimming frequently with the dolphins in my pregnancy together with my husband and received a lot of beautiful healing energy from them for my birth preparation – I never felt like giving birth with the dolphins in the ocean though. I needed a private & safe place – I didn’t want to have anybody around at the birth except my husband and my midwife and I wouldn’t like to have to worry about anything at the birth. And I needed a warm place – the ocean in Hawaii where the dolphins come is way too cold for me for the time of labor, way too deep to give birth and isn’t clean enough as a birthing environment in my perspective, although I know women who birthed in small tide pools in the ocean here (without dolphins), and more important for me: I felt that I wanted to have the earth under my feet.
But for me swimming with the dolphins throughout my pregnancy really helped me to trust my journey of a natural pregnancy & home birth and to stay healthy and happy. I should mention perhaps that I only swam when I felt like. A lot of days in my pregnancy, sometimes twice, and three days before my birth for the last time with the dolphins, but not every day, because there were days I felt too sick or too tired or the ocean felt too wild – yes, I was a normal pregnant woman… and I listened to my body & my baby to make the right choices for my pregnancy everyday. And that’s what I would like to encourage everybody to do – not to do the same thing I did, but to learn to listen to your own body and your baby and to follow what feels really good and right for you and your baby.
My pregnancy went well without any complications: the baby was in the right position early on and the baby and I were healthy and we were preparing a lot, so we could have a home birth with our midwife. I felt really, really grateful. I know it has been grace.

Rainbow in Kbay 2-5-15 small(1)

The support of the dolphins in my birth I received on a spiritual level – I remember my husband telling me in the moment of labor while I was breathing & moaning through very intense contractions: “Do you feel the dolphins & whales supporting you? They are there for you.” It gave me a smile and helped me to relax a bit more. Like the prayers, the sound of the ocean, the fresh air & stars in the dark sky, the earth under my feet, the trees in the yard, the didgeridoo my husband played, the primal sounds I made with my voice, the movements I made with my body, the words I said to my baby, the words & touch & loving presence of our midwife, the warm water in the shower & later in the pool.

Two days before my due date I started to have strong contractions in the night and four hours later gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl – standing in my full power – naked on the grass in our yard. My baby and I were communicating throughout the birth, it felt like a dance with its own rhythm and we both relaxed fully into it, so I didn’t have any tears and she didn’t have any bruises. She was pink coming out.

One day before the birth show came out, there was the first article about us on the internet – claiming that we were planning a dolphin assisted birth with a dolphin as a midwife and then lots of negative articles followed till today – without any of them contacting us beforehand or verifying the story. Only a few journalists contacted us asking for more information. Is that the reality of our media – somebody makes up a story and everybody else is copying it and writing about it as if they have been researched it? If you google my name, you will see what I mean… It makes you question our media and what they call truth.

Did I plan or have a dolphin assisted birth? No, never – if you think of it on a level of reality which you can see & touch (being in the ocean with the dolphins at the moment of birth). If you think of it on a spiritual level – consciously swimming with dolphins in the time of pregnancy and having them help us to prepare for birth in deep meditation and through that have a spiritual connection to the dolphins during the birth – yes, that has been our choice.
I feel sad about all these blaming and cynical articles and comments about us or better about my name and a story somebody made up to make money. And in the same time I am celebrating the miracle of life and the beauty & power of natural childbirth which we just experienced – and I would like to share it with everybody who would like to know more about it. What to do?

Breathe and keep trusting. When I look at my beautiful angel girl as she sleeps peacefully, I know that all is good. She said – already in the womb: Don’t worry, mommy!
It’s easy to trust when all goes easy and well. To keep trusting in the middle of the chaos, to feel the fear and breathe through it – that is real trust. To know that all will evolve in the best for everybody and that there is a higher plan… Thy will will be done.

Whoever sees with the heart, will see the truth, whoever wants to know the truth will find it.

December 24, 2015
Our friend & filmmaker Kim Nelli sharing about our story for her birth documentary…

September 17, 2015
Finally there is an article out there of a journalist who contacted us and who was willing to write about the true story…

The truth about the dolphin-assisted birth that made waves around the world

September 1, 2015
Filmed and published by a friend of us – Kim Nelli who is helping pregnant women & couples to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii & to give birth here in Hawaii

June 24, 2015