In spiritual circles some people speak of energy exchange instead of prices. In my opinion energy exchange and energy balance happen on all levels and in a greater whole.
When I give something to you, I don’t have to get back the same of you.
When I receive something from you, I don’t have to worry about how to give it back to you.
I am free to receive and give with an open heart at anytime, and, thus, I can experience abundance in every moment.

That is to say, no matter how much money you have right now, I am looking forward to be with you on your journey!

That doesn’t mean that there are no prices for my services and that I give everything away for free.
But I love to give and receive presents and I love to be in the flow.

Life with all of its abundance is available for us. We are here to remember who and what we really are.

Prices (as of January 2020):

Individual Sessions (Women’s Healing, Pregnancy & Spiritual Support):
60 min (online or in Hawaii) 89 USD/ 79 Euro
90 min (online or in Hawaii) 109 USD/ 99 Euro

Individual Sessions 3 pack:
3x 60 min (online or in Hawaii): 249 USD/ 219 Euro
3x 90 min (online or in Hawaii): 309 USD/ 279 Euro

Soul Journeys, Womb Journeys, Clearing the intuition channel and Ancestral Work can take up to 120 min and cost 155 USD/ 139 Euro.

Pelvic Compress Ritual: 209 USD/ 189 Euro
Body, Spirit & Soul Ritual: 269 USD/ 249 Euro
Ritual for menstrual complaints: 269 USD/ 240 Euro
The rituals “Journey into trust” and “Wish to have children – Ritual” are offered on a donation basis at the moment.

Women’s circle: 120 min 22 USD/ 19 Euro