Mother Earth

Tanz des Seins 1Considering the earth as a great mother who nurtures and holds all of us is more than a symbol for me. It is accompanied by deep feelings of gratitude, appreciation, love and connection, respect and trust, and by the wish and deep longing to express my love in my doing and being with the earth. Doing so, I experience the earth as matter with a living soul – I can talk to her, and she talks to me. I can touch and feel her. I see my body as part of the earth, which means that in connecting with the earth I can also find closer contact with my own body.

DCIM101MEDIATo feel and experience the deep connection with the earth and with your body as part of the earth, can help you to find out who you really are and how you can lead a deeply fulfilling life. She gives you grounding, support and healing. But she will also show you all the pain and separation in and around you, which call for healing.

When I am connected with my love and my heart, I can’t harm the earth and thus myself without having pain. Feeling this pain and using it in a constructive way to totally arrive in the here and now, to change your life and to live in a way that you feel in harmony with the earth and your body, in harmony with your deeper truth, is a journey, which includes, like all journeys, many small steps along the path, which we decide to take every day.
If it is the minute today when you stop to say hello to the tree in front of your house, and, in doing so, you feel yourself and the tree consciously. If you bless your body with loving care when you take a shower and say thank you to the water. Or if, for example, right now you take a few minutes to listen to your body and to feel your feelings. You do it out of a deep longing to be in love on this earth.

Mutter ErdeMutter Erde 1My profound love for the earth expresses itself in different ways – preferably by simple being in nature – listening in silence, dancing, toning, singing, in prayers, rituals, conscious walking and conscious swimming. Whatever I do – I give my open heart to the earth, and, thereby, I can feel how much love is flowing from the earth to me – at all levels: by fire, water, air and earth. Abundance surrounds me.

I invite you to experience yourself as a part of the earth and to remember your love. Let us meet the treasures together that the earth provides for us  – security, protection, trust, calm, strong roots, joy, strength, beingness, deep lust and a lot more. Thus we find trust in the natural rhythms of becoming and passing, birth and death, and thus create the basis to bring our shadows to the surface and light them, to become aware of what tries to hold inside and to allow ourselves to let go, to be held and to deeply relax.

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