Spiritual Guidance

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If you allow yourself to set out for your essence, for the divine, for your soul, you will find out that you are safe in this universe and always free.
All that is important for you to know, will be revealed to you, and everything you need will come to you.

Nevertheless, the path of awakening into divine consciousness will also bring us moments or phases where we feel insecure, full of doubts, exhausted, blocked, overwhelmed or helpless and where we think that we don‘t move forward or we don‘t know what is our next step.
In those moments I would love to be on your side, opening and holding space for you, so that you can receive the divine spark. I would like to support you to master the stage of evolution you are in right now, so that you can get to where your soul longs for.

What do I mean when I talk of the “divine” or “God”?
When I use words like soul and divine self, higher self, divine guidance, for me these terms are a way of trying to find words for the life-energy, the spirit which flows through all of us and which connects us all with each other, a deep peace, the deepest essence, love, the core or source. I am not a member of any religion or spiritual tradition. And for me the existing cultural and religious concepts are all just different human perspectives of something bigger, which you can’t put into words and I think that they can mutually enrich each other.

Türen öffnen

Maybe you don’t want to use the words “God” or “divine” for something that you feel or experience. That is of course your own decision and choice. If, for example, you have the concept of a punishing God in heaven, it may probably help you to just call it “love” or “heart” or “basic trust” or “essence” or “source”.
I like the word “God“, because I grew up in a non-religious environment and discovered God for myself. For me it has something mystical, inexplicable, beyond words, omnipresently loving and compassionate, infinitely powerful and contains all aspects (father, mother, child & all that is).
You alone can find out what is true for you.

In my session work there is space for your feelings, thoughts, your worries, your pains, your wishes and hopes, your questions, for you not knowing, the unknown, for God/dess in you and around you and for deep transformation. I work spontaneously, here and now, deeply connected to my inner, intuitive guidance.
For me spirituality doesn‘t mean you have your head in the clouds and it‘s not disconnected and separate from the human and from the body. It‘s at the heart of life. Just a different perspective which gives a meaning to everything, even if we don‘t understand it, and which means that everything serves your awakening and your healing, Love.
So I cannot tell you beforehand, what‘s going to happen in a session. You need a lot of trust to truly open up for yourself and you will also need to trust me that I will gently and clearly guide and support you on this journey.

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I help you to remember your soul – the divine self in you – and to experience the divine in your life. To take responsibility.
To really open up for the secrets and mysteries of life, the not-knowing, the pure experience and the way you perceive and experience it. The journey will get much more exciting, alive and profound if you become aware of it, if you really feel it, if you follow your heart unconditionally and if you own your place.
If you know that it‘s time for you now, that it‘s a must and that there is no way around it, then I am the right fellow-traveller for you. No excuses anymore, but no self-incrimination as well. Now it is time for the next step.

A session online or on Maui/ Hawaii 90 min costs $111.

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