Pregnancy Support

Being pregnant as much as giving birth to a baby and becoming a parent are some of the most profound experiences we can have in life. Physically, energetically, spiritually and emotionally.
For me this special time holds the opportunity of a deep initiation and teaching about yourself and existence, a profound exploration of your body and soul and the potential experience of deep love, connection and deep trust and source power.
If you are pregant or ready to give birth or mother or a father and you feel alone with the emotional and spirtitual (or also the physical) challenges, if you want to choose a conscious, loving, natural path and your midwife and/or your obstetrician or OB/GYN don‘t have enough time or little openess for the deeper processes and feelings that come up during pregnancy, birth and after birth, then I would like to offer you support.

The time of pregnancy, birth and after birth is so overwhelming, life-changing, magical and challenging that every woman, every being, should receive support on all levels in that time, and in fact, the support should be exactly the way s/he needs it or wants it. So that she can actually be celebrated as the goddess she truly is.

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Deep inside of yourself you feel and know what is good for yourself and your baby (your babys) and what each of you needs. But when we are pregnant we often get in touch with our deep inner wounds from the past, and/or we are confronted with painful experiences and fear from other people around us, that make us doubt our own intuition and inner knowingness, so that we might feel disconnected and helpless.
Morning sickness and other symptoms and intense changes in our body and energy system make us more vulnerable and sensitive, and the so called “normal” procedures in pregnancy like pregnancy test, ultrasound, check-ups and examinations, childbirth preparation classes etc. support a mind-set where we believe that we need other people to tell us what is right or wrong. That is not true. An empowered pregnant woman who is connected with her body, her feelings and her intuition has a very strong innate feeling of what feels right or wrong for her and she can make her own intuitive and responsible choices for herself and her baby.

Yes, we need support, but the support should strengthen us and not undermine our inner authority and scare us, but help us to connect with our power and our inner knowledge. That power and trust into your inner knowledge and into your body you do not only need for a positive birthing experience, but also for the time afterwards – for living with your baby and child.
If you have any questions or if you wish and look for somebody who can consciously and spiritually support you and be on your side on your journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting, please contact me by email !

I am not a midwife nor a doctor (and certainly don‘t replace them), but I am another human being, a mum of a five year old, an intuitive researcher and a trained women‘s healer (with Arweniel Hürlimann in Switzerland).
In my own pregnancy I was very lucky to find a spiritual midwife in the first trimester, that accompanied me throughout the whole pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She supported me to make my own choices and to have a natural, ecstatic birth the way it felt right to me.
I was also fortunate enough to attend a Doula (birth attendant) training workshop with Michel Odent (one of the most important scientists in natural birth) and Liliana Lammers (a very experienced Doula) in 2019.
As I am passionate about exploring and understanding things that are fascinating to me, I have read a lot, I looked at it from different perspectives, asked a lot of questions and found answers on natural pregnancy and birth and the natural physical and emotional processes involved.

I offer you a gentle, conscious and spiritual kind of support and empowernment in your pregnancy, in your birth preparation and for the time after the birth of your baby.
– with inner journeys, rituals, fire meditation work, counseling and mentoring, gentle body work, energy work, shamanic sound healing, meditation, intuition work and voice healing.

Pregnancy support services (sliding scale or trade possible):

– „Journey into trust (Don‘t be scared to be scared!)“ – Healing ritual in nature for pregnant women to connect with your fears and find trust inside 120-180 min: $55

– Shamanic sound healing with toning, crystal and tibetan bowls, gong, shamanic drums and other instruments (by myself) 90 min: $111 and with Didgeridoo and flutes together with Maika’i Suneagle: $155

Intuitive energy work online/in Hawaii 90 min: $111

Meditation & Aura work 90 min: $111

Free your voice/ Intuitive voice & energy work online or in Hawaii 90 min: $111

Intuitive pregnancy support & mentoring online or in Hawaii 90 min: $111

For any questions or to book a session send me an email at: Dorina (at)