Women’s healing

Intuitive women‘s healing believes that women blossom in a different way of healing than male beings.
The type of women‘s healing I offer sees you as a woman and soul, as a human being with a female body. No matter what issue you bring with you, we create space for your feelings, your thoughts and your female body and we look what it is your soul needs. In my work I support you to strengthen your connection with your inner guidance, your heart, your intuition and your own body, and to ground in your center more.

You will discover and lovingly open up inner spaces where you meet the depth of your female power and your female intuition and wisdom, and which help you to express them and make use of them.
There is room for you to find your own answers and ways and for your questions concerning female aspects as for example womb wisdom, pregnancy, menstruation and the female cycle, the desire to have children, female sexuality (in all forms!), contraception, natural birth, postpartum and motherhood, your female organs.

If you haven‘t experienced me and my work yet, I invite you to a free half hour first session. Just write me an email, if you like: Dorina(at)kohunatika.com
In that way you could get a deeper understanding and feeling for what I offer (see the different possibilities below), I could answer your questions and I could help you decide what kind of work suits you and your needs the most right now.

I offer:

Individual sessions in Hawaii (Big Island) and ONLINE:
Intuitive self-care, soul work & support sessions (ONLINE / in Hawaii, each 60 or 90 min)
Free your voice: inuitive voice & energy work (ONLINE / in Hawaii, each 90 min)
– Gentle, conscious and intuitive pregnancy- and postpartum support & mentoring (ONLINE / in Hawaii, each 60 or 90 min)
Soul journeys (ONLINE / in Hawaii, each 120 min)
– Adjusting the female compass (in Hawaii: 90 min)
Aura work (in Hawaii: 90 min)
Womb journey with womb blessing (in Hawaii: 120 min)
Ancestral work (in Hawaii: 120 min)
– Shamanic sound healing (in Hawaii: 90 min)
– Clearing the intuition channel (in Hawaii: 120 min)
Intuitive energy and body work (in Hawaii: 90 min)
– Rituals (in Hawaii: 120-180 min):

Journey into trust (Don‘t be scared to be scared!): Ritual in nature for pregnant & non-pregnant women

Body, Spirit & Soul-Ritual

Pelvic compress (Ritual for women after birth or miscarriage)

Ritual for menstrual complaints

Wish to have children Ritual (for people who desire to have children)

Praying Mantis in meditation